How to play ANL

How to play ANL

What’s A New Life?

A New Life (ANL) is a birth-to-death life simulation in which players make choices to decide their destiny. Hardcore and casual fans alike will enjoy a second chance to experience new genetics, accidents, and opportunities - just like in real life! Everyone has one life, and there aren’t any “do-overs.” A New Life offers you an opportunity to experience many lives -- whether rich or poor, gay or straight, young or old, creative or analytical, shy or outgoing -- you name it. Life is beautiful, and there should be more than one. With A New Life, you can live them all!

Quick intro

Player takes a role of a character throughout his or her life. The game sets a different scenario each time but then turns the complete control to the player. Once born, player is presented with various choices to choose from. Choices will influence character’s skills, career and interests, but also the three factors used to measure the quality of a life - Happiness, Experience and Legacy. Vast variety allows players to play each game in a different way and most importantly, the way they want to play.

Game play

ANL is both complex and simple. While the game itself covers many aspects of the real life, it’s played by a single tap on a screen. Also, there’s no need for a single tutorial. Everything is easy and intuitive and there’s no ‘proper’ way to play it. With an average duration of a single game of about 15 minutes, ANL can be played at any time and in any place. You can also exit the game at any time and autosave feature will allow you to continue where you left off. Just the way mobile users like it.

ANL setup

While plenty of things are configured for the players’ convenience, ANL also relies heavily on the reality. The game setup follows these principles. Once a player starts A New Life, he can’t choose the new character’s genetic predispositions, the gender or place of birth. Strong set up game logic will take care of numerous factors. Each character is given a name, the gender and is placed in the USA, but in various location combinations depending on the actual population density.
The character’s DNA is shown through a unique skill set of 10 characteristics presented by both numbers and graphical bars. These characteristics show character’s talent, potential affinity and can decide on how successful or happy the character will be when making or deciding not to make the choices connected to a characteristic. A player has an opportunity for a single ‘divine intervention’ - he can modify one characteristic in two ways by using previously earned Karma points.

Here's the description of each characteristics:

Intelligence - Capacity for logic, perceiving and retaining information as knowledge
Beauty - Level of physical attractiveness that determines a way others see you
Health - Essential factor of longevity and quality of your life
Wealth - Quantity of personal valuable material possessions that might determine your well-being and a way of life
Sense of Humor - Ability to appreciate comical aspects of certain situations and have an optimistic view at life
Adventurousness - A drive that makes you explore the unknown and undertake new and daring actions
Craftiness - Crucial for obtaining positive effects while doing activities that require skill
Charisma - Shows how your presence, personality and charm may impact others
Athleticism - Vital in controlling effects of your physical actions, especially sports related
Culture - Affection and talent for arts but also a way of conducting yourself in an appropriate manner

Choices and events

Player can choose between two graphical presented choices for each year of the character’s life. The decisions can be made considering characteristics, affinity or simply by player’s desire.
Not all choices are equally important, as in the real-life.
There are several potential choices for each year of a life, chosen by a complex game logic that takes care of previous actions, character’s gender, location and affinities.

Tip: Showing a childhood interest for music and having a high Culture will positively affect your chances to be presented with a choice to go to Juilliard.

Besides regular yearly choices, the game also features the unexpected occurrences in life, called events. There are two types of events - accidents that don’t require players’ action; and opportunities that ask players to agree or disagree to the given option. The events are also based both on reality and affected by player’s previous actions.

Tip: You are much more likely to experience a devastating earthquake if you live on the West Coast than near the Great Lakes.

Life evaluation

A New Life tracks how you accumulate Happiness, Experience and Legacy, the three factors used to measure the quality of a single life (game).
Happiness shows how character is pleased the way his or her life is unveiling, the actions player takes but can also be affected by events.
Experience is gathered in numerous ways but more daring or adventurous actions might get the character more of it.
Legacy quantifies how well and how long a character will be remembered.

Additional factor that is having an effect on the game score is the Difficulty - calculated on genetic predispositions the character is born with. Achieving same things in life with less talent, skill or wealth is generally considered a bigger success (but is harder to do).
Karma points are earned on each play and can be spent on characteristics modifications on the birth screen of a new character.
Top scores are saved into a Hall of Fame section from where a player can compare the results of the previous plays and read a short biography of the each played life.


There are currently 20 achievements player can complete by playing A New Life. Achievements screen presents a quick view on all the achievements, but each achievement has also a separate page with description and current progress tracking toward completion.