What A New Life means to us

What A New Life means to us

Ever wondered how game developers see their own games? We provide you an insight to our unique perspective with A New Life.

The most important thing when creating a game is to make one you want to play.

With millions of apps and games out there players are given plenty of options to entertain themselves in various ways. One may pick on popularity of the game, other on a specific interest or a gaming proficiency, so no two favorite lists are exactly the same. So it comes to no surprise that your ANL team, a team of only two, has different view on gaming. Milan Babuskov, your programmer and gaming expert likes playing many different games, depending on the current mood (or the mood of his kids), available time or actuality. You might think its all research, but it's not - it's a zest for gaming that you'll rarely see. Seriously, he knows so many games that the author of this lines can only nod in vain when he starts bringing them up. I'm on the opposite side of the rainbow - I pick very few of my favorites and keep playing them for years, new releases or not. We both like gaming, but we are on the other side of the spectrum. Yet, we agree on at least one thing - if you want to make a game, make one that you will want to play, not just be proud of.

This comes with a caveat - if you create a game you want to play, how can you be sure that others might like it as well. There's no simple answer to this question. Our take is that ANL had to be versatile and complex yet intuitive and simple at the same time. This is what's so special about this game. You can play it casually while waiting for your train. You can plan carefully every move, going deep into your character. There's no wrong way to play it. And the best thing is - you don't have to lose hours to learn controls, game concepts or game goals. Instant fun, the way you want it to be! We figured that the best way to reach every player is to make a simple game play with game intelligence hidden under the hood. Most games don't have this luxury, but ANL does as all the players have natural understanding about its topic - Life.

Matching the unmatchable with both genres and complexity of the game is very important to us. Tired of countless copies of the same games? Well we are. Some developers feel that there are certain sure-fire concepts and are willing to stick with those. We just want to make the best possible game for our players. That's what we strive for and A New Life is our way to do it.

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